The production of tomatoes in Hokkaido amounts to 7% (second place), following Kumamoto Prefecture. There's not a substantial amount of tomato production in Okhotsk, however Kitami city and Ozora town should be noted.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Kitami city, Abashiri city and Ozora town
(Time of shipment)Late May-October

The tomatoes grown in Kitami
This variety was presented in 1985. Until then, it had been common to make tomatoes re-ripen after ripening; subsequently, they succeeded in harvesting and distributing fully ripened tomatoes. Today, there are more than twenty kinds of Momotaro varieties, and they occupy over 70% of the tomatoes in Japan. Of course, the main brand in Okhotsk is Momotaro. In Kitami, the Kamitokoro area has been growing tomatoes for over thirty?five years. Since Kitami is a basin, the area gets a lot of sunshine and has an extreme temperature difference. Therefore, sweet and thick tomatoes can be grown. A tomato cultivation group established the cultivation criteria. They have also received the Hokkaido(YES! clean) designation.

The processed foods of tomato
Konno Noen (Farm)...Maruseppu, Engaru town
Taiyo no Megumi (the grace from the sun) Fully ripened tomato juice 100ml...200 yen 1000ml...1,000 yen
This is an additive-free tomato juice made from chemical-free, homegrown tomatoes. This farm has created their own growing methods in order to produce sweeter tomatoes. The sweetness of these tomatoes is about 80% (a typical tomato has a sweetness of about 60 to 70 percent). They harvest the tomatoes when they ripen, just before they fall from trees. Then, they make additive?free juice without adding any salt. As you can see from its name, this is a delicious tomato juice made from fully ripened, sun-drenched tomatoes.
Konno Noen (Farm)
31-2 Shinmachi Maruseppu
Engaru town

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