In Okhotsk, Kunneppu town is famous for melon cultivation. They began growing melons in hothouses in the forty-eighth year of Showa (1973). They have also been doing scion root cultivation since then.
Kunneppu town is able to cultivate sweet melons because it gets a significant amount of sunlight and the temperature difference is extreme.
Each melon has a sticker with the name of the producer, which ensures the quality of the melon. A warranty also comes with the shipping container.
In Abashiri, they have recently started growing the variety No net melons.
(Main productive areas in Okhotsk) Kunneppu town, Kitami city and so on
(Time of shipment) Mid June - Mid August

(The Red Flesh (Rupiah Red))

(The Green Flesh (Vert Grand))
This is the typical variety of red flesh melons in Hokkaido in early summer. The net on this melon's skin is small. It also contains a lot of fruit juice, which is mild and sweet. The flesh is firm, and therefore can be preserved for a long time. These melons have a rich and sweet flavor.

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