The production of carrots in Hokkaido is the most in Japan (about 30%). In Hokkaido, the most productive areas are Otofuke town and Makubetsu town, both in Tokachi, followed by Bihoro town and Shari town, both in Okhotsk.
Carrots are produced from April to October; in the case of hothouse cultivation, they are produced from late July to early August; in the case of outdoor cultivation, they are produced from August to October.
Most of the carrots now are the Western type. Go (five) sun (the old way to measure / = 3.03cm) carrots are about 15 to 20cm long and the point of the root is round.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Kitami city, Bihoro town, Shari town and Koshimizu town
(Time of shipment)Late July - October

(Koyo Nigo (No. 2))
Most carrots grown outdoors are of this variety. Koyo Nigo doesn't have the typical carrot smell. It is also sweeter and tastier than others. Carrots used to be the typical vegetable disliked by children. Now, however, due to the introduction of this variety, carrots can be found on the list of vegetables that children like.
(Beta 312)
This is the main variety for hothouse cultivation. It has a lot of beta-carotene, and is sweet without a strong carrot smell. Both its root and body are dark red. It has minimal root cracking and smooth skin.

The processed foods of carrot
(JA Shari cho)...Shari town
Ninjin (Carrot) juice 190g 90yen / a can 2,625yen for 30 cans in a box
This is made from the carrots from JA Shari cho. Only a little lemon is added. The sweetness of the carrot is strong, and you will be surprised by how smooth it is. This can be used not only for drinking, but also for stewed dishes like curry and stew. When it is used for those dishes, it becomes even sweeter and has a nice subtle flavor.
JA Shari
1 36banchi Honmachi
Shari town
TEL: 0152-23-3150
FAX: 0152-23-6050
(JA Kitamirai)...Kitami city
Namara Ninjin dabesa Dressing 200ml net 470yen
The paste of the carrots from JA Kitamirai is used for the base of this dressing. This is a healthy dressing from which you can take the nutrients of carrots directly.
JA Kitamirai
1-8 1chome Nakanoshima cho
Kitami city
TEL: 0157-32-8777
FAX: 0157-32-8778

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