Yacon is an Asteraceae perennial plant that was traditionally grown by the aborigines in the Andes. Its root is used for eating. As stored nutrients, the tuberous root keeps not only starch, but a lot of fructo?oligosaccharide. Storing them for one to two months after harvest makes it possible to@decompose it into oligosaccharige, which makes it sweeter. It is sweet and crispy, and its texture is like a pear. When it is baked, boiled or fried, its texture becomes like a cooked Chinese yam.

(Main productive area in Okhotsk) Oketo town
(Time of shipment) Mid October - December

The yacon grown in Oketo
” The characteristics of yacon from Okhotsk
In Okhotsk district, people started experimental cultivation in Oketo around 1978. They formed Yacon Producerfs Association in 1997 and started to grow yacon. There are four farms that produce it today. In Oketo, they started The Special Product Development Committee to make yacon their specialty and thus far have developed and sold Yacon Draft, Yacon Tea and Yacon Cider (soda pop).

The processed foods of yacon
(Oketo cho Shokokai (Commercial and Industrial Association))...Oketo town
Yacon Draft 330ml 399yen
Yacon Cider 200ml 180yen
This is a low-malt beer in which malt (over 5%) and hops are used with yacon (grown in Oketo, without agricultural chemicals). Yacon looks like a sweet potato,
but is sweet like a pear. You can taste the bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the yacon when you drink it. It also has a pleasant fruity smell. This is an alcoholic drink that we should drink when we want to relax, like on a holiday. The percentage of alcohol is 5%. Yacon is also used in the Yacon Cider (soda pop), which is now on sale.
Oketo cho Shokokai (Commercial and Industrial Association)
1 456banchi Oketo
Oketo town
TEL: 0157-52-3520
FAX: 0157-52-3523

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