Chinese yam

Following Aomori, the amount of production in Hokkaido is in second place. Most of this comes from Okhotsk district, city, town and village base. Higashi Mokoto in Ozora town is in fourth place. It is also grown in Kitami, Kunneppu, Kiyosato and Shari. Chinese yams are harvested twice a year, in November (fall) and April (spring).

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Ozora town, Kitami city, Abashiri city, Kiyosato town and Bihoro town.
(Time of shipment)November - January

The Chinese yam grown in Higashi Mokoto
(The Chinese yam grown in Higashi Mokoto)
This Chinese yam is compact and has a smooth texture. It is shipped not only to Sapporo and Kushiro markets, but to the Kansai area as well, and is very popular as Higashi Mokoto Brand because of its strong stickiness and consistent color.
(Trophy 1066)
This is grown in Kamitokoro, Kitami city and Kunneppu town. This was named Trophy because its tip is thin and it looks like a trophy. This is grown in the soil in which ''Seaweeds Mineral'', which is fermented organic materials with many microbes, is used. Because this is very sticky and its cells are elaborate, you can enjoy eating it more when it is grinded and Tororo (grated yam) is made.

Trophy 1066

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