The amount of spinach production in Hokkaido is about 3% of that in Japan. Almost 100% of the spinach that appears on the market in Hokkaido from April to October is from Hokkaido. During winter, more comes from Gunma Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture.
It is said that spinach was originally from Central Asia and came to Japan in the early 17th century from China. This became the native spinach of Japan. There are three kinds of spinach grown in Japan today. One is the Western species that came from France in the mid? 19th century. The others are Oriental species.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Kitami city and Shari town
(Time of shipment)June - December

The spinach from Shari
This is the main variety grown in Shari town. They begin growing it in hothouses around May and ship in the early season, June to October.
This variety is sown from spring to summer, the shape of the grass is upright, and the leaf has a V-shape. The leaf is thick and the surface is flat, and it has a deep, glossy color. It also has good hill spread.
(Kanjime Chijimi Horenso
(Cold tightened, curly spinach))
This is the winter-limited spinach in Kitami. It is shipped from early November to late December. Its growing method differs from typical varieties. It is planted in early September and has a long foster period of about two to three months. During the foster period, it is exposed to the cold of early winter. This is called Kanjime Cultivation.
Fending off cold temperatures enables the spinach to retain its sweetness and yield a high amount of sugar and vitamins. This was named Chijimi Horenso because the leaf is thick, uneven and curly.

Kanjime Chijimi Horenso (Cold tightened, curly spinach) from Kitami

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