Nearly 50% of the production output in Japan is from Hokkaido. The main productive area in Hokkaido is Kamikawa district. In Okhotsk, they have produced it as a special product in Saroma. It is also produced in Yubetsu town, Kitami city. It is grown from April to September and is shipped mainly from September to October.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Kitami city, Saroma town, Monbetsu city, Yubetsu town and Engaru town
(Time of shipment)September -October

The pumpkins from Kitami
(Ebisu Kabocha (pumpkin))
This is a kind of Western pumpkin produced mainly in Saroma town. Incidentally, most pumpkins that appear on the markets are Western pumpkins. Ebisu Kabocha is its major variety. The grooves of its skin are very shallow and it has a light green color. It is popular because of its flaky sweetness.
(Niji (Rainbow) Roman (Romanticism))
This is the variety grown in Kitami and the surrounding areas. This is a new variety that was registered in 2002. The shape of the pumpkin body is oval and its inside is thick, farinaceous and deep yellow. Its quality is consistent even when it is preserved for a long time, and it becomes even sweeter and produces a nice flavor. This pumpkin contains a lot of starch and you can enjoy its flaky texture. It is good for sweets and cakes due to its strong flavor.

Niji (Rainbow) Roman (Romanticism) from Kitami

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