Habanero chili

Habanero is a kind of pepper that is said to be the hottest in the world. It was originally grown on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is considered to be ten times as hot as Tabasco. This hot spice also has a fruity flavor. Snacks that have Habanero in them have become a big hit in Japan, so Habanero is quite popular. In Okhotsk, Habanero is grown in hothouses. It is planted in March and harvested between August and early October. The harvested Habanero is preserved in oil or a freezer.

(Main productive area in Okhotsk)Tokoro cho Kitami city
(Time of shipment) August-Early October

Habanero grown in Okhotsk

The processed foods of Habanero
(The Club of Kitami Brand)...Kitami city
Habanero vinegar Karai-su (Hot vinegar) 70ml
Habanero vinegar Cho Karai-su (Very hot vinegar) 70ml
Open price / each
This is brewed vinegar that is made by fermenting agricultural chemical-free Habanero grown in Tokoro, Kitami city. It takes about one month to ferment. Habanero is one of the hottest peppers, but when it is served with vinegar, it becomes spicy and more flavorful. Also, it contains the amino acid GABA. Habanero is commonly
used with pizza and pasta. In Kitami, there is a unique way to use it. You can try it in BBQ sauce.
The Club of Kitami Brand
4-12 1chome Izumimachi
Kitami city
TEL: 0157-24-2031
FAX: 0157-61-1149

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