In Hokkaido, this is called Yama (mountain) Wasabi, but in Honshu, it is called Seiyo (Western) Wasabi. In English, it is usually called horseradish. Horseradish comes from Eastern Europe. It is said to have grown along Finland to the Caspian Sea. It came from Western countries to Japan in the Meiji era. After that, it grew wild and became a naturalized plant. In Hokkaido, many people pick wild horseradish and enjoying eating it at home. Some roots can grow to 30cm long. When grated, it is white, not very sticky and has stimulating hot spiciness. In places like Abashiri, it has been used as a main ingredient in powdered wasabi for quite some time. It is common to preserve it in soy sauce.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Abashiri city and Tokoro cho Kitami city
(Time of shipment)All year

The horseradish from Abashiri

The processed foods of horseradish
(Miyama Foods)...Kitami city
Karai besa- (Spicy, isn't it?) 100g 399yen
You can enjoy the texture of the horseradish because it is not grated. Also, they use their own technique to process it. Horseradish from Tokoro cho,
Kitami city is pickled in the sauce of Honjozo soy sauce (the soy sauce brewed without saccharides and no more than 120 litres of seed alcohol per metric ton) which includes the flavor of Bonito stock, making it even spicier and tastier.
Miyama Foods
14-31 Miyama cho
Kitami city
TEL: 0157-23-8093
FAX: 0157-23-8093
(Hyakutomeya Service Store)...Kitami city
Yamawasabi Shoyuzuke (Soy sauce pickled horseradish) 160g 399yen
Two generations ago, the owner of this store privately started making this special sauce. It became popular and spread by word of mouth. To make it, crush horseradish roughly and add soy sauce and seasonings. However, this recipe is incomplete; to this day, the details remain secret. Their motto is that they only sell it when it is fresh. Therefore, daily quantities are limited to how much they make each day.
Hyakutomeya Service Store
151 Kamitokoro
Kitami city
TEL: 0157-38-2203
FAX: 0157-38-2203

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