There are fruit farms in the Okhotsk region that grow strawberries, cherries, plums, apples, pears and grapes.
The Ishikawa Fruit Farm was established in Kitami in the sixth year of Taisho (1994) and began growing fruit a few years later. This farm grows cherries, the main variety being Nanyo (South Sun). This cherry is quite large and has consistent color, texture and sweetness. Today, most farms use artificial pollination. However, Ishikawa Fruit Farm cultivates their products using natural pollination.
At Ginga no Sato (Home of the Galaxy) Berry Farm, they increased the blackberries that naturally grew around their farm. Today, they grow 300 blackberries, 470 black currants, 170 Blue?berried honeysuckles and 72 gooseberry black currants. The fruits that are harvested are processed into foods, like jam.

(Main productive area in Okhotsk)Kitami city
(Time of shipment)Depends on the variety

The fruits of black currant

The fruits of cherry

The blossoms of blueberry

The processed foods of berries

(Ginga no sato (Home of the Galaxy) berry Farm)...Kitami city
Blackberry jam 150ml 800yen
The confiture of blackberry 140ml 800yen
The blackberries that naturally grow around this farm are processed and cultivated without using agricultural chemicals. Every seed is removed from each blackberry and strained. After that, granulated sugar is added and boiled down to make blackberry jam. The confiture is another kind of jam made by adding the vinegar from blackberry to the blackberry jam.
Ginga no sato (Home of the Galaxy) berry Farm
800-9 Hirosato
Kitami city
TEL: 0157-39-3928
FAX: 0157-39-3928

(Ishikawa Fruit Farm)...Kitami city
Sakuranbo (cherry) su (vinegar) 100ml 945yen
This vinegar is made from cherries. The variety of cherry used is Summit. It is quite large, (about 10 to 13g), and has a strong taste (mildly sour). Its color is dark and beautiful like ruby, and you can use it with blended vinegar or different kinds of dressing.
Ishikawa Fruit Farm
6-3-1 Miyoshi cho
Kitami city
TEL: 0157-25-0387

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