(Main productive areas in Okhotsk) Shari town and Ozora town
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Sachiku Akabuta (red pork)
(Sachiku red pork)
Sasaki Stock Farm in Shari town produces this pork. This farm has produced breeding pork for more than forty years. Sachiku red pork comes from the crossbreeding of male Duroc and several other breeds. It has been trademarked for ten years. This farm's breeding area is twice as large as typical breeding grounds, and they feed the pigs original vegetal fodder made of barley. The farm also strictly controls its hygiene and quality by not putting stress on the pigs. The pork that comes from these pigs is sweet and fatty without a strong pork smell. It is sold by Hokuren Group supermarkets in Hokkaido.
(Sakura pork)
Ozora town is working on branding this pork. In the fifty-ninth year of Showa (1984), Sakura 201 was registered by The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery. The pork that is routed Sakura201 is bred in Memanbetsu, Ozora town. This pork is pink and tender with fine fat. Today, it is commercialized as Kushiyaki (roast on a skewer) or Butaman (steamed bun filled with minced pork) and sold at Michi no Eki (roadside station) and Marchen no Oka (a hill of fairy tale), Memanbetsu.

The processed food of pork
(Chinese restaurant Goraku)...Kitami city
Goraku no shumai (steamed meat dumplings) 6piece 819yen
Sachiku red pork and onions from Kitami are used in this handmade shumai. They do not use artificial seasoning, so you can easily taste the natural ingredients. It is sold frozen. Today, it is sold at various stores and the Okhotsk Terroir shop in Co-op Bihoro.
Chinese restaurant Goraku
206-39 1chome Katsuramachi
Kitami city
TEL: 0157-25-4105
FAX: 0157-25-4105

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