Venison (the meat of Ezo (Hokkaido)deer)

The agricultural damage caused by Ezo deer totaled almost six billion yen in Hokkaido. The Okhotsk region makes up 12.3% of that, and the number of captured deer in Hokkaido is about 109,000. In the eastern part of Hokkaido, about 57,000 deer are captured. (2010, Hokkaido Ezo Deer Management Office) In order to keep the ecological system balanced and to prevent further damage caused by Ezo deer, Hokkaido is promoting the use of Ezo deer meat as a food. The Shiretoko Ezo Deer Farm was established in the nineteenth year of Heisei (2007) based on the Ezo Deer Effective and Practical Use Plan, which is promoted by Hokkaido. They raise captured Ezo deer at a feedlot, process it, and sell the meat. Annually, they process the meat of about 1,000 Ezo deer. This meat is sold commercially, and it is included on many local menus.

(Main productive area in Okhotsk) Shari town
(Time of shipment)All year

The processed foods of Venison (the meat of Ezo (Hokkaido)deer)
(Shiretoko Ezo Deer Farm)...Shari town
Shiretoko Ezo deer Momiji (maple) nabe (a hot-pot)
(the hot-pot which meat of deer is in is called Momiji nabe) meat 180g x 4bags, sauce and meat (fish) balls 100g 5,000yen
The meat of captured deer raised on their farm is used. The meat of wild deer is not. Therefore, it is flavorful without a strong smell. This is considered high quality meat in Western countries because it is high in protein and low in fat.
Shiretoko Ezo Deer Farm
TEL 0152-23-2222
FAX 0152-23-2345
(Utopia Shiretoko)...Shari town
Shikaniku (venison) jerky 30g 525yen
The meat of wild Ezo deer is processed with wine and miso (soy bean paste) and dried to make Shikaniku jerky. The more you chew it, the more you can enjoy the flavor of Ezo deer meat without the strong smell.
Utopia Shiretoko
186-8 Nishi Utoro
Shari town
TEL 0152-22-5160
FAX 0152-22-5161

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