The production of trout (Karafuto trout) in Okhotsk occupies more than 70% in Hokkaido. It is caught in the cities and towns that lie on the coast. Three fishery cooperatives, Abashiri, Shari and Utoro (part of Shari town), coined it Okhotsk Salmon. It is also called Aomasu (blue trout), as its back is dark blue or blue-green. The male trout is called Seppari (se = back, pari = swell) because the anterior dorsal fin swells during the breeding season. At the earliest, trout can be found around the Abashiri seaboard in early May. The fishing season is between the middle of July and the beginning of September, and the peak season is the end of August. This meat, which is salmon pink, is beautiful and not as fatty as salmon. So, it is delicious when you fry or cook (meuniere) (sauteed with butter). Most Karafuto trout is processed as canned salmon. However, in Okhotsk, processed products of Karafuto trout are commercialized by various companies.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk) Shari town, Abashiri city, Monbetsu city, Okoppe town and Oumu town
(Time of shipment)May - September

Trout from Okhotsk

The processed foods of trout

(Kenai Deguchi suisan)...Yubetsu town
Pirikara masu konami chinbo (toba: the skin on trout fillets, thinly sliced lengthwise, rinsed in sea water and dried in a salt breeze) 500g 1,800yen
This delicacy is called Toba, which is processed trout from the sea of Okhotsk. It oxidizes easily, which differs from salmon. Because of this, it was very difficult to make, yet succeeded due to an original method. Finish with soaking into a spicy sauce. You will be hooked by its moderate crunchy texture and refreshing savor. Be sure to note that there can sometimes be a supply shortage due to the short trout season.
Kanei Deguchi suisan
5 568banchi 3ku Kitahama village Kamiyubetsu
Yubetsu town
TEL: 01586-2-3229
FAX: 01586-2-4655
(Marua Nojiri Masatake grocery store)...Shari town
Sazanami salmon 300g 1,200yen
Okhotsk salmon Hanagasa zuke half fish 800yen / whole 900yen

This company started as a restaurant in the thirteenth year of Taisho (1924) and has been a food processing company of sea products since the eleventh year of Showa (1936). Sazanami Salmon and Hanagasa zuke are made using Okhotsk salmon (Karafuto trout from Okhotsk). Hanagasa zuke is soaked into yeast called Sagohachi, and you can enjoy its mild salty taste and grilled savory texture.

Marua Nojiri Masatake grocery store
24 banchi Honmachi
Shari town
TEL: 0152-23-2181
FAX: 0152-23-2183

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