The haul of salmon (Shirozake) in Hokkaido occupies about 80% in Japan and Okhotsk occupies 35% in Hokkaido. Shari town has the most hauls in Hokkaido. Also, Abashiri city is in fifth place.
Depending on the season in which it is caught, salmon is called Akisake (caught in fall, from September to November) and Tokishirazu (caught out of season, from May to June).
Shirozake is highly valued for the variety of ways it can be processed; Enzo (Aramaki; preserved with salt), Toba (salmon fillet thinly sliced, rinsed in sea water and dried), and Mefun (salted salmon kidney). Also, it is processed as fish roe, like Sujiko (salmon roe) and Ikura (salmon caviar).

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk) Shari town, Abashiri city, Monbetsu city, Okoppe town and Oumu town
(Time of shipment) September-November
(Tokugin (Special silver) from Utoro)
They named this salmon Tokugin from Utoro. It is a selection of male salmon, heavier than four kilograms, and caught after October. They are currently working on branding. Fatty, fine textured salmon is selected. It is only a few percent of all hauls.

(Daiginrin from Shari)
This is a salmon that Shari town is working on branding and it is only caught a few times a year. It includes a serial number when it is shipped.

(Yuho from Oumu)
This is the branded salmon that Oumu town is working on. They only select Shirozake, which is especially fine and fatty. It is more than three kilograms and comes from the Akisake haul. This is caught with a fixed net off the foreshore of Oumu town in the sea of Okhotsk.

(Mejika from Oumu)
This is a high-grade salmon. It is said that Mejika salmon are born in Niigata or Akita prefecture, mature in the northern sea, and are caught on the way to their home sea. It is called Mejika ("me" means eye, "jika" means close) due to the closeness of its eyes and nose. The body is soft and round, and also nice and fatty in preparation for spawning. It is traded at a high price, as its haul is very small (about 0.5 ~ 1.5% of ordinal salmon)

The processed foods of salmon

(Utopia Shiretoko)...Shari town
Sake sujime (marinated salmon) 160g 630 yen
Sake kosojime (marinated salmon with herbs) 160g 630 yen
Sake smoke (smoked salmon) Benisake (red salmon) 160g 630 yen

The concept of this company is "Enjoy blessing of taste from nature in Shiretoko". It produces and sells a variety of processed foods made with raw materials from Shiretoko, Shari town. Sake sujime is locally caught male salmon marinated with salt, and after season, with vinegar and wine, and is made to be matured at freezing temperature. Sake kosojime is locally caught male Akisake seasoned with onion, carrot, and basil and is made to be matured at freezing temperatures. Sake smoke is locally caught salmon smoked with Ezoyamazakura (local cherry tree) chips after it is matured in freezing temperatures overnight. Every product can be used with various dishes.

Utopia Shiretoko
(Michi no Eki (The Roadside Station) Utoroshirietoku store)
186-8 Utoro Nishi
Shari town
TEL: 0152-22-5160
FAX: 0152-22-5161

(Marua Nojiri Masatake grocery store)...Shari town
Ikura shoyuzuke(marinated salmon caviar with soy) 400g 3,280 yen
Sake oyakozuke(salmon and salmon caviar marinade) 250g 1,200 yen

Ikura shoyuzuke is an excellent product that is soaked into a secret soy sauce combined with an original sauce. It has been used for more than thirty years. This sauce soaks into every single roe. Sake oyakozuke is Shoyuzuke added to raw salmon. It is Ruibe?like (sliced, frozen raw salmon) and has an exquisite salmon caviar/raw salmon texture.

Marua Nojiri Masatake grocery sore
24banchi Honmachi
Shari town
TEL: 0152-23-2181
FAX: 0152-23-2183
(Siretoko Keisonsha)...Shari town
Sake toba (sliced, rinsed in sea water and dried) 300g 880 yen
Sake toba stick 100g 380 yen
Sake toba chips 100g 400 yen

This company was established by the third president, who worked on fishing salmon with a fixed net at a guardhouse under the falls in Utoro, in order to start processing salmon. This Saketoba uses Akisake (thick male salmon in the best season). After careful processing, it is seasoned with salt, sugar and seasonings, and dried. You can enjoy the traditional taste that has been enjoyed by fisherman since long ago.

Shiretoko Keisonsha
1 5banchi Asahimachi
Shari town
TEL: 0152-23-0385
FAX: 0152-23-6775

(Oumu no shokutaku (dining in Oumu town))... Oumu town
Kaisen chazuke (boiled rice doused in tea with seafood) (salmon / scallop) 1 package 370yen
Kaisen furikake (seafood sprinkle) 1 package 630yen

This is grilled fresh salmon from Oumu, flaked, then processed. Chazuke uses large raw salmon flakes and scallop in jellied sauce. Furikake, which is semi?dried, retains a moist texture by adding flaked bonito to seaweed, salmon, and scallop.

Oumu no shokutaku
TEL: 0158-84-2228
FAX: 0158-84-2228

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