Broadbanded thornyhead

The standard Japanese name is Kichiji. In Hokkaido, it is normally called Kinki or Menme. About 50% of hauls in Hokkaido come from the Okhotsk area. Most of this comes from Abashiri city and Shari town. They are working on branding it as Tsuri kinki, which is broadbanded thornyhead caught using the longline fishing method. This method keeps the fish fresh and undamaged, since they are caught one by one. Only Abashiri is allowed to use this method. It has a shiny, crimson exterior and white meat. Both its skin and meat are nice and fatty. This is a high quality fish that is traded with department stores, supermarkets and restaurants. When it is boiled with soy sauce, its fat makes the dish very delicious.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Abashiri city and Shari town
(Time of shipment)December - February
(Broadbanded thornyhead caught by longline fishing method in Abashiri)
Broadbanded thornyhead, which is called Tsuri kinki, is caught by the longline fishing method. Compared to other places, it is traded at double the price because it is undamaged and is much fresher. This method is exclusively used by only four fishing boats in Abashiri. Two?thirds of all hauls of broadbanded thornyhead in Abashiri go to Tsukiji market in Tokyo.

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