Atka mackerel fish

Atka mackerel fish is popular, and is commonly sliced and dried. It is caught in almost all of the areas in Hokkaido and its hauls are similar in size to Alaska pollock and salmon. The hauls in Monbetsu city and Abashiri city are quite large.
Before the civil war, it wasn't eaten as much because it loses its freshness quickly. However, due to the food shortage, its hauls rapidly increased after the war.
Large atka mackerel fish are used raw, or sliced and dried. Small atka mackerel fish are used as raw materials for fish paste. Since the late 1980's, the hauls of Alaska pollock have decreased. Therefore, atka mackerel is more often used as raw materials for fish paste than Alaska pollock.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Abashiri city, Shari town, Yubetsu town, Monbetsu city and Okoppe town
(Time of shipment)September - November
For dish
Eating grilled, "Hokke no hiraki", which is sliced and dried fatty atka mackerel, is standard. It is a very popular dish at Izakaya(s) (Japanese style pub), as well as at home. Atka mackerel is normally boiled raw in soy and fried. It is also used to make soup with fish paste, called Tsumire. Nuka bokke is pickled in rice bran and has been eaten for a long time as preserved foods.

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