Crab is very popular in Hokkaido. In the Okhotsk area, around 100 tons of Red king crab, 500 tons of hair crab, and 100 tons of snow crab are caught annually. The hauls in Oumu town, Monbetsu city, Abashiri city and Okoppe town are substantial.
Live crabs and boiled crabs have been distributed since the fortieth year of Showa (1965). However, at the peak of this year, the hauls have decreased and now 80% of consumption within Japan relies on imports (e.g. Russia). Abashiri city is working on creating special products using blue and brown crabs, as well as red king crab, hair crab and snow crab.

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Abashiri city, Shari town, Yubetsu town, Monbetsu city, Okoppe town and Oumu town
(Time of shipment) Depends on the kind of crab
Tarabagani (Red king crab)
Red kind crab is called Tarabagani (tara = cod, ba=place, gani=crab) because it is caught in the same place as cod.
Crabs usually have four pairs of limbs and one pair of claws; however, with this crab, one pair of limbs is degraded, so it seems as if Red king crab and Hanasaki (blue king crab) only have three pairs. Also, since the claws are very strong, they are considered a kind of hermit crab. These crabs are quite large, about 25cm long, and yield a considerable amount of crabmeat. Unlike hair crab and snow crab, they do not contain Kanimiso.

Kegani (Hair crab)
This crab is light red brown and has dense hair on its carapace. It is about 10cm-12cm. This crab is usually boiled or steamed, and is popular due to its sweet meat. Its Kanimiso is highly valued and similar to sea urchin. In early spring (from March to May) it is called Katagani. This crab contains a lot of meat. Crabs caught from June to July are called "Wakagani(young crab)" which has just molted. Therefore, the meat is said to be firm and tasty.

Zuwaigani (Snow crab)
Today, snow crab is mainly used for canned crab. It is dark red, its carapace is triangular, and it is 12cm (male, at the longest). Females are about half the size of males.
Its name changes depending on where it comes from. Sometimes it is called Echizengani, Matsubagani or Kobagani. It is also a local specialty in these places.

The processed foods of crab
Maruma Matsumoto grocery store...Monbetsu city
Honzuwai koramori 80g 1,050yen
Flakes and limb meat of two crabs and kanimiso are in the carapace. This has been recreated from the way fishermen, who know the best way to eat crab, enjoy it on their fishing boat. You can enjoy the meat without seasoning, as it is boiled with salt. Grilling is also a good way to enjoy this. It is surely a superb dish that is filled with the delicious flavor of crab.
Maruma Matsumoto grocery store
10-18 2chome
Kitahamacho Mobetsu city
TEL: 0158-24-9432
FAX: 0158-24-9435

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