The haul of oyster is divided into two areas, Okhotsk area and Kushiro area. In the Okhotsk area, Yubetsu town, Saroma town and Tokoro cho Kitami city produce the most. In the Kushiro area, Akkeshi town and Kushiro town produce the most. Almost all oysters from Okhotsk are cultivated in Lake Saroma. To cultivate oyster, a gadget made of scallop shell is hung in order to gather oyster spats. Two methods are used; one-year oyster and two or three?year oyster. The one-year oyster method hangs baby shells in spring and collects them in winter the same year. The two or three-year oyster method collects them after winter. Oysters are cultured in Lake Saroma and Lake Mokoto (Abashiri city), and Lake Komuke (Monbetsu city).

(Main productive areas in Okhotsk)Abashiri city, Tokoro cho Kitami city, Saroma town and Yubetsu town
(Time of shipment)December - February

Oyster from Okhotsk

Oyster in Lake Mokoto
Lake Mokoto is a brackish lake, with water flowing in from Mokoto River and the sea of Okhotsk. The oyster matures with rich nutrients. It look small, but is large inside and is rich with flavor. As the hauls are limited when it is collected in November, it is difficult to get because most of it goes to local retail shops and restaurants. So, it is called "rare oyster".

Abashiri Fishery cooperatives
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