Corbicula is caught in Lake Abashiri and Lake Mokoto. About 70% of all hauls in Hokkaido come from Abashiri.
The fishing season is from May to October in Lake Abashiri and from December to March in Lake Mokoto. Only adult corbicula longer than 23mm are selected. Therefore, every shell is guaranteed to be large.
Kan shijimi (kan = cold, shijimi = corbicula) from Lake Mokoto has more flavor before spawning in summer, as it retains nutrients in winter and remains firm due to the cold water. The water from Mokoto River and seawater are rich with nutrients. During winter, drift ice gives it a slightly salty taste. This natural balanced condition ensures the quality of corbicula.

(Main productive area in Okhotsk)Abashiri city
(Time of shipment) May -October, December - March
corbicula from Okhotsk

The processed foods of corbicula
(Tsunozaki grocery store)...Abashiri city
corbicula miso soup, corbicula soup 6package each 1,260yen
Corbicula from Abashiri is sealed up just after it is caught, so as to retain its taste as well as its extract.
Tsunozaki grocery store
352 Yobito
Abashiri city
TEL: 0152-48-2308
FAX: 0152-48-2334

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