Pond smelt

The largest hauls of pond smelt in Hokkaido come from Abashiri. This place also ships the greatest amount of live eggs in Japan. Pond smelt can be caught in some lakes on the mainland, but most eggs are from Abashiri and hatch there.
Fishing season is early fall and from the beginning of the year to early spring. During winter, drilling a hole in a frozen lake and catching pond smelt with fishing nets is a popular method and common winter activity.
Pond smelt is processed as Tsukudani (boiled with soy), Kanroni (boiled and sweetened) or Ikadayaki (skewered and grilled, looks like a raft). It is also shipped within Japan as foodstuffs or raw materials for processing.

(Main productive area in Okhotsk)Abashiri city
(Time of shipment)September - October, January - February
Pond smelt from Okhotsk

Pond smelt from Okhotsk
(Tsunozaki grocery store)...Abashiri city
Pond smelt from Abashiri tsukudani (boiled with soy) 500g 1,523yen / 1kg 2,730yen
This company has made tsukudani with pond smelt from Abashiri for more than fifty years. The fishing season is early fall, and from the beginning of the year to early spring. They select large pond smelt for their products, and use a traditional method of seasoning with soy, granulated sugar and starch syrup. You can taste the great combination of light, bitter flavor and rich, sweet flavor. There are also other products, Ikadayaki and Kanroni
Tsunozaki grocery store
352 Yobito
Abashiri city
TEL: 0152-48-2308
FAX: 0152-48-2334

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