Japanese ice fish

Japanese ice fish are caught in Hokkaido, Aomori prefecture, Miyagi prefecture and Shimane prefecture. The haul from Lake Abashiri occupies about 97% of that in Hokkaido. Since the haul is limited in quantity,
it is highly valued as a delicacy and precious resource. It is about 8cm long, clear, and doesn't have scales. As for its appearance, it looks like a young fish. In spring, Japanese ice fish from Abashiri hatch in Lake Abashiri, then swim down river in fall. They spend winter in the sea, and return to Lake Abashiri to spawn in spring.
On the mainland, it is highly valued as a spring taste. Its fishing season is from September to October in Lake Abashiri. Shirasuboshi (boiled and dried) is popular. You can also eat Japanese ice fish raw with soy sauce and vinegar, or cook Tempura (deep fry).

(Main productive area in Okhotsk)Abashiri city
(Time of shipment)September - October
Japanese ice fish from Lake Abashiri

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